[Marxism] Impending split in Australian DSP

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Sat Jul 8 19:09:44 MDT 2006

The impending split in the DSP. A response to Fred Feldman, Walter 
Lippman and Peter Boyle

By Bob Gould

To deal with the lightweight first, Walter Lippman, who tends to drive 
many people a bit crazy with incessant indiscriminate emails about Cuba 
that confuse the necessary diplomatic arrangements made by the Cuban 
government with Marxist revolutionary science, has the gall to accuse me 
of being a ghoul for arguing with the new DSP leadership, mainly on 
strategic questions in Australia.

In passing he ridicules me as a clapped-out seller of used books. My 
used book shop, as he describes it, has the largest range of labour 
movement and Marxist and socialist literature in Australia by a country 
mile, and has performed a useful political role for about 40 years.

Lippman is a tunnel-visioned obsessive, in my opinion, and his monomania 
is constantly displayed on Marxmail and its spin-off the discussion list 
on the US SWP, as well as the Green Left list.

As a long-standing supporter of the Cuban revolution, I don't need to 
know nearly as much about it as Walter Lippman seems to think is 
necessary, and I find teacup reading about, and constant scapegoating 
of, the US SWP on international questions problematic, tedious, often 
personally abusive and sometimes almost incomprehensible.

Full: http://www.gouldsbooks.com.au/ozleft/lippmanetal.html

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