[Marxism] Le Figaro Story on Iraq

Pieinsky pieinsky at igc.org
Sun Jul 9 06:14:36 MDT 2006

Comrades -- M. Abu Nasr sends me this synopsis of a story in "Le Figaro". 
Very interesting and important, if true.  Has anybody on the List seen this 
article in English translation, or reports about it in other world media?



Le Figaro: 1,300 Iraqi Resistance attacks in greater Baghdad alone in June. 
Secret American report shows US minimizing Resistance attacks, focusing 
attention on al-Qa'idah car bombings to divert attention from highly 
effective "complex attacks" by hard core Iraqi Army Resistance fighters.

A secret American report has confirmed that the US occupation forces in Iraq 
are trying to hide the real strength of the Iraqi Resistance.  The report, 
information from which has been acquired and published by the French 
newspaper le Figaro, discloses that there were 1,300 Resistance attacks in 
greater Baghdad alone in the single month of June 2006.

Georges Malbrurot in his le Figaro article published on 8 July refuted 
claims made by the American-installed puppet "Iraqi ministries of defense, 
the interior, and health," which indicated that in the month of May only 26 
car bombing, 65 bomb explosions, two martyrdom operations, and 60 attacks 
with rocket-propelled grenades took place - i.e., an average of five violent 
attacks per day.

In fact, Malbrunet wrote, the truth was much more deadly.  According to the 
data contained in the secret American report, a copy of which he had 
obtained, the number of homemade bomb explosions in May was 260, the number 
of rocket-propelled grenade attacks was 120 - ten times the official count.

The secret report noted that since February 2006, the Resistance carried out 
one complex operation in Baghdad every day, in which some 50 men and 10 
vehicles took part.  Most of the operations, the report said, were being 
carried out by soldiers of the Army of the Republic of Iraq (the Iraqi army 
from the period of President Saddam Husayn's rule).

Malbrunot wrote that according to the secret report, the US occupation 
forces "have been trying to hide the facts about those complex attacks, 
which reflect the effectiveness of the hard core of the guerrilla movement, 
preferring to report on the 'suicide attacks' carried out by 'foreign' 
jihadi fighters" of al-Qa'idah - the American nemesis so highly touted by 
the US media. 

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