[Marxism] Re: Education, Racism, and the Nuclear Unconscious

Intense Red intnsred at golgotha.net
Sun Jul 9 20:53:52 MDT 2006

 > In any case, the introduction and the quotations seem
 > harmless enough, whether or not the author is Libertarian.
   There is a bleed over here and a lot of the issues and criticism involved 
in school reform don't lend themselves to a distinct left/right analysis.

   But with that said, I'd also place Gatto on the libertarian right side of 
the spectrum.  He bluntly trashes teachers unions as both raising the cost of 
education and in shielding incompetent teachers.  While that may indeed be 
true in some isolated cases, it certainly isn't the position taken by most 
leftists.  Likewise with his attitude that free market schools/vouchers is 
a/the key solution.

   On the other hand, Gatto does not hesitate to bring in issues of class into 
his criticism of schools and I think his historical work on the evolution of 
schools has much useful data and some valuable insights.

 Is solidarity.

"Fascism could better be called 'corporatism', for it is merely the merging of 
state power with corporate power." -- Benito Mussolini, the Italian dictator 
who "invented" fascism.

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