[Marxism] Left and Right [was Education, Racism, and the Nuclear Unconscious]

Intense Red intnsred at golgotha.net
Mon Jul 10 07:56:36 MDT 2006

   Your critique of the use of left/right is dead-on.  Those terms and that 
spectrum are so vague they're almost completely useless.  (But we still use 

 > The real spectrum doesn't really run horizontally left and right but
 > vertically up and down, based on who has and doesn't have power.

   I can agree with that and your other statements, but the power/no-power 
concept isn't useful in indicating basic ideologies let alone generalizing or 
predicting someone's stance on a given issue.

   As a replacement to the left/right idea, I sort of like the 2-axis 
political compass (see <http://politicalcompass.org/>; an overview at 
<http://politicalcompass.org/analysis2.php>).  It's still not perfect but 
it's a vast improvement.

 In solidarity.

"In 2001, the top 20 percent of households for the first time raked in more 
than half of all income, while the share earned by those in the middle was 
the lowest in nearly 50 years." -- Griff Witte, Washington Post, September 
19, 2004.

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