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But, on  the other hand, consider also that this has meant turning many
British  Muslims (Nuslims of Bangladeshi origin for example) away from a
potentially  secular-left politics to a primerily  Islamic political
identity. Is  that a good thing?

I read the article and have to say it confuses the symptoms with the  causes. 
The homogenising of Britain's Muslims is a direct result of Britain's  role 
in supporting US imperialism in the Middle East. The backlash has obviously  
been the radicalisation of a significant swathe of the Muslim population within  
Britain, who are now under a state of siege by Blair's government, the  
reactionary press and the police and security services. Their self  identification 
as Muslims rather than as Bengalis or Pakistanis, etc., has come  about in 
defence against the pressure being exerted on all Muslims regardless. 
Political Islam has filled a vacuum in the Middle East, created after all  
secular movements and parties - Marxist, Pan-Arab, and now increasingly Baath -  
were purged in the interests of US and Western imperialism. I have no problem 
 with political Islam. I view it in a similar vein to the liberation theology 
 made popular throughout Latin and Central America by people like Camilio 
Torres  and Archbishop Romero in previous decades.
I maintain that Galloway's Respect Coalition, whilst imperfect, has been a  
fantastic development in British politics, giving political voice to a segment  
of the population that would otherwise not have one.

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