[Marxism] FW: Mexican Elections Mired in Anomalies

Richard Fidler rfidler at cyberus.ca
Tue Jul 11 10:02:03 MDT 2006



An interesting article, which among other things clears up
the question of whether Marcos and the Other Campaign called
for a boycott of the Mexican election. Excerpt:

I have followed the Other Campaign on the ground since
January, and never once did subcomandante Marcos, a.k.a.
Delegate Zero, or anyone else speaking in the name of the
Other Campaign, call for a vote boycott. Never once. In
fact, on July 1, Marcos defended the right of Other Campaign
participants to both vote and join the July 2 march. 

The Other Campaign's call has consistently been: "Vote or
don't vote: organize." Yes, it is nuanced in that it says
elections are meaningless for those pursuing deep social
change, but that is what they are saying. Yet, no one in the
English language mass media reports on this. 

Since July 2, Subcomandante Marcos accused the IFE and
President Fox of manipulating the vote results in order to
steal the election from Lopez Obrador (whom Marcos has
skewered in countless opportunities as being a
pseudo-leftist). He reiterated his opposition to electoral
politics-and his respect for those who have chosen to both
vote and organize through the Other Campaign-but said it was
still one's moral responsibility to denounce electoral


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