[Marxism] Nuclear Issues

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Tue Jul 11 11:11:50 MDT 2006

Marvin Gandall wrote:
> George Monbiot weighs exactly these issues in today's Guardian:
> Sure, nuclear power is safer than in the past

i know marxists will be careful with blanket statements such as this.

i was reading this morning about a huge slab of tunnel that fell from
the ceiling in the Big Dig up in Boston MA, killing one person in a car.

comments on the safety of all such large constructions should read
something like this:

"Sure, XXX -- as designed and engineered by YYY, constructed by UUU,
administered by VVV, given a budget of ZZZ and expected to make a profit
of $AAAA by the year BBBB -- is safer than in the past."

Sans these kind of material indicators, you are simply talking to God.

I think even Rod Holt will agree with me here. Rod?

les schaffer

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