[Marxism] Japan and the United States

Yoshie Furuhashi critical.montages at gmail.com
Tue Jul 11 12:54:50 MDT 2006

Moving from Japan to the United States, I feel I'm in a good position
to comment upon the chief evil of leftists in these two countries:
thinking like a powerless, irrelevant opposition (and getting used to
that and becoming comfortable with that) and advancing a laundry list
of demands and grievances that don't cohere and often contradict one

That's a vicious circle, too: you have no hope of governing a country,
so you sound like an irrelevant opposition, and since you sound like
an irrelevant opposition, you get no closer to taking power -- nay,
you get even more irrelevant than before.  Repeat that endlessly.  :-|

Unfortunately, Japan and the United States aren't like Tuvalu.  If
they were, it wouldn't matter whether leftists in these two countries
amounted to anything.  These are the two countries whose policy has
the gravest implications for world economy.

How do we break the vicious circle of powerlessness and irrelevance?

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