[Marxism] Hundreds of Dead and Injured in India Bombings

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Wed Jul 12 05:30:09 MDT 2006

Walter  Lippmann wrote: 

> I'd like to know what are the various tendencies
> going to say, including the various armed opposition groupings,
> the trade unions, and so on.

Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) statement

Mumbai Blasts: Foil Heinous Aim of Terrorists 

The series of bomb blasts on the suburban railways in Mumbai is a vicious terrorist attack. The death toll has touched 173 and is still rising. Hundreds have been injured, many of them seriously. The attacks in the Kashmir valley on the same day targetting tourists underline the similar aim of disrupting normal life and restoration of peace. 

These attacks has been perpetrated by forces inimical to the country and the people with a design to disrupt normal life and create social tensions. It is imperative that this heinous aim is foiled. This requires the unity and determination of all sections of the people. 

The Maharashtra government and Central agencies must spare no effort to track down the perpetrators of this horrendous crime and take steps to eliminate the network sustaining the terrorist activities. The CPI(M) extends its full solidarity with the people of Mumbai and conveys its deep sympathy with the families of the hundreds who have lost their lives and suffered grievous injuries. The state government and the Central authorities should take prompt and necessary steps to assist those affected by the bomb blasts. 

The Polit Bureau calls upon its Party units to conduct meetings and silent processions to condemn this terrorist outrage and to express the resolve to maintain the unity of the people and communal harmony. 

Communist Party of India (Marxist), the Communist Party of India, All India Forward Bloc and Revolutionary Socialist Party 

Anti-Price Rise Call Postponed
Mobilise People Against Terrorism & for Unity 

The Left parties strongly condemn the terrorist outrage in Mumbai which has killed and injured hundreds of people. The terrorist aim of disrupting peace and communal harmony must be foiled. In view of this terrorist attack, the Left parties have decided to cancel the first part of the anti-price rise week from July 13 to 16. The programme against price rise will now be held from July 17 to 19. 

The Left parties call upon its units to immediately organise meetings and silent processions to condemn the terrorist attack in Mumbai and to express resolve of the people to maintain unity and communal harmony. 


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