[Marxism] Gaza - what the corporate media won't tell us

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Wed Jul 12 07:07:31 MDT 2006

Aggression Under False Pretenses 

By Palestinian Prime  Minister Ismail Haniyeh 

The current Gaza invasion is only the latest  effort to destroy the results 
of fair and free elections held early this year.  It is the explosive follow-up 
to a five-month campaign of economic and  diplomatic warfare directed by the 
United States and Israel. 


Israeli Blood-sport in Gaza 

By Mike Whitney 

Another 50  civilians have been bumped-off in gangland-style hits authorized 
by the  Knesset’s newest Mafia Don, Ehud Olmert. Olmert has put the carnage 
and  destruction into high-gear eliciting criticism from his very own daughter 
who  protested in front of her father’s home with signs that said, “Stop the 
Israel’s aggression destroys any semblance of civic order: 

I cannot  think of anything in recent times to compare with the Israeli 
terror tactics  against the people of Gaza where the mightiest military nation in 
the region  picks on the poorest, weakest and most vulnerable of peoples and 
pounds them and  their infrastructure by night and day with bombs, artillery and 
tank  shells.
Why Critics of the Israel Lobby Are Politically Homeless : 

The  Democratic Party base is pro-Israel country
_http://tinyurl.com/fsqb9_ (http://tinyurl.com/fsqb9) 
Gaza 2006, "the catastrophe" 1948

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