[Marxism] Mumbai bombings

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 12 10:56:03 MDT 2006

  The death toll so far in the rush hour suburban  train bombings in  Mumbai on July 11th has crossed 150, leaving more than 350 injured. It  is heart rendering to see relatives and friends searching and enquiring  desperately about the missing people. But what is reassuring is that  the people of India and Mumbai in particularly have reacted in a very  mature way, in spite of the provocations by Hindu extremist  organizations such as Shiv Sena, VHP and RSS, under the leadership of  BJP.
  Common people were seen telling TV reporters "We the people of Mumbai  are not afraid, We will continue our normal life to tell the coward  terrorists that they can not scare us". Also we have seen how the  common people have reacted in a very mature way, carrying the injured  and dead for medical help. No yelling and crying. No panic.In times  like these, you can sense the strength of the nation.
  It is beyond any doubt that the terrorists with active support of  Pakistani communal elements have perpetrated this henious act. And  America gives tacit support to the Pakistani military regime, which is  in turn giving active support to Islamic terrorist elements in the  whole of South Asia. Pakistan was the breeding ground for Talibans and  now the Kashmiri Terrorists such as LeT.
  India survived as a single entity for the last 5 thousand years, even  if it was an agglomeration of smaller fiefdoms. I see no reason how an  external terrorist force can rip apart this country, when the people  remain united. That is the reason why BJP was thrown out of power after  such a carnage as the Gujarat communal massacare. Even that could not  destroy the country's unity and the people have unitedly ripped apart  the rippers.
  I wish we Indians will will win in the end against communal hatred.
  Vijaya Kumar Marla
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