[Marxism] Supreme Court Decision on Guantanamo

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jul 12 11:55:44 MDT 2006

Mike F. wrote:
>However, I agree with Walter that it can be just as important to point out
>and sharpen divisions within the ruling class as it is to point out the
>commonality of interests for the rulers. These tactical divisions
>shouldn't be confused with differences in strategic vision (such as there
>is one on the part of the rulers or their political representatives).

Getting back to the kinds of questions that Yoshie posed yesterday, would a 
socialist parliamentarian state that he or she took no position on the 
Hamdan case in the period leading up to the Supreme Court decision? I think 
that would be a mistake. It is a step forward for the Supreme Court to rule 
that the Geneva Conventions apply to Guantanamo. If there had been a 
unanimous decision on behalf of the government case, the possibility of 
freeing these men, as the Militant windbags call for, would have become 
more remote.



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