[Marxism] Supreme Court Decision on Guantanamo

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 12 12:06:53 MDT 2006

I'd try to understand your question, but honestly, I do not understand
what you are asking me.  THE MILITANT isn't a newspaper. It's something
else: a viewspaper. It's purpose is not primarily to inform, but to put
the views of the organization out to the public. Since one of its main
purposes lately is to explain and justify, to its own membership, why
it's NOT involved in the anti-war struggle, everything it publishes is
worth looking at in light of the general policy of abstentionism from
the actual struggles which are presently going on. That's why they had
all that folderol about the Iraqi resistance..

There are significant divisions among the ruling class. That's why the
Bush administration and its friends are going after institutions like 
the New York Times with such ferocity. It's not that they both don't
share a committment to capitalism and imperialism. They do, but Bush
and his crew are doing it in a way that the NYT and their crew think
won't work. That's the essential division which ought to be pressed
and emphased. That's why someone like Brezezinski (forgive error with
the spellling of his name) feels he has to go outside the hallowed
halls of the ruling class, to appeal even to the PUBLIC warning the
U.S. government that it's harming campitalism's interests. That's 
what Fukuyama is also trying to tell them: what you're doing is bad
for capitalism. It's those divisions which provide room for more and
bigger protests, in my opinion. I strongly agree with Louis about the
Supreme Court's decision and its significance.


LOUIS PROYECT argued (and I completely agree with him):
It is a step forward for the Supreme Court to rule that the Geneva 
Conventions apply to Guantanamo. 

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