[Marxism] disabling email delivery: a small policy change

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed Jul 12 12:20:10 MDT 2006

for several years now we have been advising people that they can join
Marxmail without submitting to the burden of a large number of daily
emails or digests. by subscribing to the list under an address they wish
to post from, they can then disable the delivery for that address. i've
posted on how to do this elsewhere.

however, as i discovered by accident during the Utah server failure last
week, a number of these mail-delivery-disabled people can eventually
have their email accounts deleted (they gave up on the list and then
subsequently gave up their email accounts). Yet their addresses stay in
our rosters, because the Mailman application has no way of knowing these
people no longer "exist", since we are not attempting to deliver email
to these people.

So ...

We are going to change our policy slightly in this regard. We are now
tracking on a daily basis the delivery status of subscribers. Every six
months or so,  we will send private emails to these addresses, and
delete addresses that bounce back as "account discontinued" or the like.
or if you have disabled delivery and then decide later you ar eno longer
interested in the list, you can let us know, off list, and we will
remove you from the subscription rolls.

this allows Lou and I to keep better track of the actual number of
active subscribers to the list.

so this post officially announces our intention to privately email
mail-delivery-disabled subscribers from now on. rest assured no one but
Lou and I and the Utah server admin (Hans) has access to these email

Les Schaffer

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