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> I find this  quite problematic.  Firstly,  liberation theology was linked 
> to
> socialist  mass movements -- Ernesto Cardenal was a Sandinista, for example.
> "Political islam" does not seem to be linked to any such socialist mass
> movements. Secondly, liberation theology actively sought to downplay such
> things as women's subservient role within trational Christianity, etc. I'm
> not aware of any evidence that "political islam" does so -- instead it tends
> to try to  make women wear the veil, etc, i.e. it seems to reinforce
> patriarchy.
> In what sense do you see it comparable to liberation theology?


You don't think that either Hamas or Hezbellah enjoy mass support? If so I 
would have to strenuously disagree. They may not be linked to socialist mass 
movements, but they are certainly linked to social mass movements.

Your comments re the wearing of the veil denoting patriarchy is a little 
ultra-left in my view, demonstrative of an inability or refusal to take into 
account prevailing material conditions. With their religion, culture and people 
under attack, don't you think that the wearing of the veil takes on an aspect of 
cultural resistance at this period in history?

As anti-imperialists, and Marxists, we may not have friends but we do have 
common interests. And at this time those interests coincide, I believe, with the 
oppressed Muslim communities in the Middle East and beyond.

I maintain that the parallels between liberation theology and Political Islam 
exist, in that both reflect mass movements from below. 


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