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Wed Jul 12 17:33:37 MDT 2006

Jscott wrote:
"Political Islam has filled a vacuum in the Middle East, created after all
secular movements and parties - Marxist, Pan-Arab, and now increasingly Baath -
were purged in the interests of US and Western imperialism. I have no problem
with political Islam. I view it in a similar vein to the liberation
theology made popular throughout Latin and Central America by people like
Camilio Torres  and Archbishop Romero in previous decades."

"Political Islam" is only a very broad definitional brush stroke. The
historically reactionary "Muslim Brotherhood" is "Political Islam". The Amal
militia in Lebanon is "Political Islam". Hamas is "Political Islam". Kaddafi is
"Political Islam". The Saudi family is "Political Islam". It is a meaningless

However, I agree with Sayan that there is little resemblance to Latin American
Liberation Theology (LT) which basically placed the class struggle, openly,
within the parameters of the Chrisitan mission. Few politically Islamic groups
have *anything* in common with the human liberationist views of LT.

Like any group that has taken over from traditional secularist and nationalist
movements to oppose the immediate oppression of the masses against outside and
foreign influence, some politically inspired Islamic movements have taken on
the role of righting imperialism and objectively play an anti-imperialist role.
In some ways the Nation of Islam in the US has played the same role(s).

Such movements oppose imperialism and confront it militarily. This is
progressive but it shouldn't be confused with Camilo Torres or Ernesto Cardenal
(I don't think Romero was actually a supporter of LT rather an opponent of the
death squad democracy that became the El Savador gov't).


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