[Marxism] Suspicious WSJ report on call for revote in Mexican election

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 13 04:55:09 MDT 2006

(There's something fishy about this headline in the newspaper
which was campaigning for Calderon and supports the election
of Calderon. An entire new vote would be an extremely costly
prospect. AMLO has called for a full recount, since so many 
of the votes cast for him were discarded. He may very well be
calling for a full re-run of the election, if his declarations
about the stealing of votes and the election as a whole is in
the end upheld. The headling, however, is targeted at those
who don't read beyond the headline, to give the impression 
AMLO's campaign isn't serious. We'll see, in time, what his
attorneys actually are saying. A very dubious report here.)

The Wall Street Journal 	 	

July 13, 2006 	 	

Mexico Candidate Apparently Seeks Whole New Vote

July 13, 2006; Page A4

MEXICO CITY -- Andres Manuel López Obrador, the left wing former
Mexico City mayor contesting his narrow defeat in this month's
presidential vote, has asked a special electoral court to annul the
election, a review of his legal complaint shows, in an apparent
escalation of his bid to reverse the outcome.

The 850-page complaint asks Mexico's Federal Electoral Tribunal, the
nation's highest judicial authority responsible for certifying all
national and local elections, "not to emit the declaration of
validity of the presidential election," a review of the document
shows. The complaint also asks for all ballot boxes to be reopened
and ballots recounted.

Publicly, Mr. López Obrador is calling for a second hand-count of the
ballots, rather than expunging the entire election results. However,
his legal pleading, which hasn't been made public, significantly
escalates those demands in an apparent contradiction of the
candidate's public statements. While the complaint hasn't been made
public, a copy was reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Yesterday his lawyer, Horacio Duarte, said the campaign was not
calling for annulling the election, but that the electoral tribunal
might take such an action after ruling on the inequalities alleged in
Mr. López Obrador's petition.

The complaint provides insight into Mr. López Obrador's endgame in a
bruising fight with Mexico's electoral authorities that began almost
immediately after polls closed on July 2. While Mr. López Obrador has
publicly called for a recount, a growing number of political analysts
say that his real long-term strategy is to seek a new election.

The legal complaint, filed on Sunday, is a broad attack on the
fairness of the election process and amounts to a general charge that
the playing field was tilted against Mr. López Obrador from the
outset, undermining the credibility of the vote. The most significant
charges include a claim the advertisements paid for by the government
helped Mr. López Obrador's opponent, the conservative ruling party
candidate Felipe Calderón. Other charges are more esoteric: One claim
accuses a Mexican juice company of also aiding Mr. Calderón through
advertisements that simply called for people to vote and never
mentioned any candidate.

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