[Marxism] Aftermath of Mumbai serial Bombings

soma marla marlass_ag at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 13 05:55:13 MDT 2006

Serial  Bombings  and the carnage experienced in
Mumbai is third  major tragedy  for the  metropolis 
during  this  decade. Citizens of Mumbai ( earlier  it
was called Bombay) are  real heroes, they gained 
composure by the next  morning, within hours the 
train  transport was started  and  city   became
functional. The  terrorists and their  supporting  
nations  had  nefarious designs,  expecting  various 
religious  communities will   be  dragged in to ugly 
riots and violence. The  common people     did not 
fall in to the  communal trap, helped  each other 
coping  with the tragedy. This  is  highly
appreciative. Tolereance and  respect for  other 
religions shown  by the  residents of  Mumbai  has
historical roots from India’s anti colonial  movement 
for independence, strong  trade union base in the 
city. This  has  helped to maintain communal harmony
and  with stand the  nasty  designs of various Hindu
and Muslim  nationalistic  parties. 

The  solution to  Kashmir  related  terrorism  lie 
far beyond India’s borders. Pakistan  has flatly 
denied having any  role  in these serial bombings. The
 heinous  acts are nothing  but  Pakistan’s failure to
dismantle the  many terrorist  camps based  on its 
soil. The  graduates of these camps  are exported  to 
execute  these heinous  crimes not only in India,
Afganistan but  also ion USA and Western Europe.
Information shows the   terrorists who are responsible
 for London bombings even. Life  whether an Indian or
an American is equally   important and  western 
governments  should start exerting  pressure on the
perpetrators of these crimes that India badly  seeks.
Another interesting  aspect to note is  terrorist acts
and communal violence is  extremely  rare in  regions
of the  country where the  trade unions are strong,
communist  parties  have significant  presence. Though
Mumbai had a history  of  strong  trade unions   and
workers  struggles in the past of late it  gave way to
 the influence of various  Hindu nationalists  such as
Shivsena. The  left   is  faced with  two challenges-
organizing & educating  working  poor against the
nefarious designs of the communal fundamentalist 
forces(both in India and Pakistan) on one side and on
the  other  fighting  for an independent  foreign
policy to bring  peace  to the sub continent against
the wishes  of imperialist arms sharks.
Finally  let me salute to Heroic residents of Mumbai 
for  fraternity and maintenance of peace in the city.

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