[Marxism] Re: Mumbai Bombings

Nagesh Rao ngsh_rao at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 13 09:07:25 MDT 2006

Jay wrote:
Agreed about how people need to stay united against
Muslim and Hindu fundamentalisms.  However, doesn't
the question of self-determination for Kashmir and
Jemmu need to be addressed as one of the major
of this kind of "terrorism".


I couldn't agree more. The Indian left, however,
refuses to acknowledge this. They find themselves
hamstrung by their own contradictions. On the one
hand, they want to see an end to communalism, but on
the other, remain tied to notions of "national unity."
National unity is thus posed as the alternative to
communalism; the assumption being, of course, that the
duty of socialists is to defend the *nation* against
divisions from within and imperialist threats from
without. "Nation," rather than "class" becomes the
cornerstone of the Left's policy; consequently, the
idea of supporting self-determination for Kashmir is

This adaptation to nationalism is the reason why
denunciations of Pakistan come so easily and with no
qualifications in the writings of the Left. In the
aftermath of the bombings, I think it is quite
incredible to see how readily sections of the Indian
left fall behind the law-and-order search-and-destroy
Indian State.

Incidentally, this is similar to the liberal response
in the U.S. after 9/11, where denunciations of the
attacks went hand-in-hand with calls for the U.S.
state to "find those responsible" and "bring them to
justice." Which ultimately ended in these folks
supporting the war on Afghanistan.


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