[Marxism] Forwarded from Poulod

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jul 13 10:40:23 MDT 2006

(Poulod is an Iranian-American student)

I'm not a Marxmail subscriber, but could you somehow convey this to the 
list? I'm a little sickened by the stuff Yoshie and others have been 
spouting about Ahmadinejad and 'liberation theology' the past few weeks.  I 
don't have time to put together a detailed response, but as an 
Iranian-American leftist and the child, friend and relative of a number of 
Iranian leftists, can I just emphatically say: Ahmadinejad is NOT 'Iran's 
Chavez'.  Saying so is just embarrassing.  He's a fake populist standing at 
the head of an Islamist regime.  If the Western Left gets as starry-eyed 
about liberation theology now as it did in 1979, it might not be forgiven 
altogether this time around.  Supporting Khomeini was idiocy bordering on 
treason to the Iranian Left.  I hope the same mistake doesn't get made 
again.  Iran has to be defended from imperialism, but that doesn't mean 
embracing yet another venerable bearded 'anti-colonial' leader.



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