[Marxism] The American dream

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Thu Jul 13 12:30:39 MDT 2006

Reconsidering Marx in Post-Marxist Times: A Requiem for Postmodernism?
By Peter McLaren and Ramin Farahmandpur

The presence of capitalism floats in the air like the avuncular aroma of 
pipe tobacco wafting through your bedroom window from a neighbor's veranda. 
It tickles the nostrils with a mixture of familiarity and security. It 
instills a capitalist nostalgia, a deep yearning for a time when success 
appeared inevitable, when progress was assured, when hunger and disease 
would be wiped out by the steady advance of industrial wealth and 
technological prowess. Mesmerized by the scent of money, we willfully 
ignore the ramifications of capitalism's current capital flight; its 
elimination of multiple layers of management, administration and 
production; and processes such as deindustrialization, the ascendancy of 
financial and speculative capital, the expansion of transnational circuits 
of migrant workers, and the casualization of the labor force. We ignore the 
monopolies, the oligopolies, the cartels, the new corporate carpetbaggers, 
the prophets of privatization, the WalMartization of the global lifeworld, 
and the transfer of capital investments to cheaper markets offering higher 
rates of exploitation. We pretend we don't see the reduced social 
expenditures in health, education, and social services, the business 
counterattack against labor, the state's growing indebtedness to corporate 
bondholders, the privatization of municipal services, the assault on trade 
unionism and the draconian attacks on the social safety net. We want to 
believe all of this will soon pass, leaving us once again curled up beside 
the glowing hearth of the American dream.

full: http://edtech.connect.msu.edu/aera/pubs/er/pdf/vol29_03/AERA290304.pdf



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