[Marxism] NYT: Train Bombers Focused on Mumbai Business Class

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Thu Jul 13 13:08:46 MDT 2006

New York Times
  July 13, 2006      Train Bombers Focused on Mumbai Business Class          By SOMINI SENGUPTA
              MUMBAI, India,  July 12 — A bank worker did not make it home. A would-be software  developer rested on a hospital gurney waiting for doctors to repair a  broken arm. An engineer, fresh from meeting with a client, lay in a  hospital morgue, recognizable by a ring on his finger. 
    As India’s magnet city quietly arose Wednesday on the morning after  a series of eight bombings along its suburban commuter train line, a  closer portrait of a carefully calibrated crime emerged. The bombers,  it turned out, systematically chose first-class men’s compartments,  poking a poisoned finger in the eye of the city’s white-collar  establishment. 
    The bombers, who remain unknown, most likely used militarystyle  plastic explosives, the Indian authorities said. The synchronized  nature of the blasts during the evening rush hour, intelligence experts  said, pointed to the use of timers. As of Wednesday the toll stood at  183 killed and 700 wounded.
    Judging by the lists of those casualties posted at city hospitals,  the victims were overwhelmingly male and mostly working age. Judging by  the testimony of their friends and relatives, most were habitual  first-class passengers. 
    If attacking the trains was an attempt to break the lifeline of  Mumbai, then picking these compartments was a pointed attempt to  cripple the men who stoke the city’s roaring economy — bankers,  stockbrokers, accountants, engineers. 
    “They actually wanted upper-class people to suffer this time,” Ronak  Gandhi, 21, observed. His brother, Chintan, 25, lay inside Lilavati  Hospital in the wealthy northern suburb of Bandra, suffering from a  broken arm and internal bleeding.
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