[Marxism] Hezbollah comes to aid of embattled Palestinians, and LA Times ...

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Hezbollah's heroic and timely action, whatever its  consequences,
represents a desperately needed act of international  solidarity with the
Palestinian people, against the US-bankrolled Israeli  state and its
US-funded war. (Israel is one of the most purely dependent  states in the
history of the world.)

Absolutely! Hezbollah's actions are heroic in coming to the aid of the  
Paelstinians, serving to expose further the reactionary and extreme nature of  the 
state of Israel. I think the US is in a real bind here. With their troops  
struggling to pacify Iraq, with Afghanistan beginning to swallow up more UK  
troops (a further 850 to be deployed in response to a recent spate of  
casualties), the US and its allies are in a vulnerable position. I think I  recall one of 
Iran's Mullahs saying, in response to US threats to attack Iran,  that it 
wouldn't be advised as Iran has over 100,000 American hostages in  Iraq.
Increasingly, the Middle East is becoming a quagmire for the US, and with  
its pit bull, Israel, off the leash, things will only get worse.
I spoke to a Lebanese friend of mine yesterday and he says that the vast  
majority of Lebanese people are behind Hezbollah at this point.

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