[Marxism] do you "love our flag enough to burn one" - Colbert

Brian Shannon brian_shannon at verizon.net
Fri Jul 14 10:11:35 MDT 2006

During the recent demagogy in Congress over a constitutional  
amendment that would have allowed Congress to pass laws against  
dissing the flag, I couldn't help fantasize what may be a fact. Most  
flag-burnings and other acts of disrespect were probably started by  
agent provocateurs, including the famous lowering of the flag at  
Grant Park during the 1968 demonstrations at the Democratic Party  

For the past week, Gary Trudeau has made my musings concrete and  
brought them up to date.

Today's is at http://www.doonesbury.com/strip/dailydose/

You can see the beginning of this series by clicking "previous."

The Colbert quote is just below the comic panels.

Brian Shannon

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