[Marxism] Hamas, Hizbullah, Lebanon, Syria, and Iran

Jean-Christophe Helary fusion at mx6.tiki.ne.jp
Fri Jul 14 19:56:10 MDT 2006

On Jul 15, 2006, at 4:03 AM, Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:
> We bomb Beirut and blockade Lebanon.
> The Shiites are a minority in Lebanon.
> Christians, Sunnis, and others in Lebanon will blame Hizbullah for
> bringing all this down on Lebanon.
> Hizbullah will get isolated in Lebanon.
> The government of Lebanon will wage a civil war to disarm Hizbullah.

My feeling, based on a short stay in Lebanon 8 years ago and on  
reading the news from far away now is that even though Hesbollah is a  
minority in some areas it is a majority in a lot of others and it is  
supported by a lot of people regardless of the area. Lebanese are  
very sensitive to the palestinian cause and I doubt the collective  
punishement they are experiencing now will convince them Hesbollah is  
the one to blame. Lebanon has been sacrificed many times in the past  
and there are no reasons why it would not been sacrificed once more.  
But previous attempts have never resulted in anything good for Israel  
or the US and I don't see how that would change now...

If what you describe is what the US and Israel are thinking now,,  
they are bound to not succeed.


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