[Marxism] "Antisemitism in the Movement"?

kersplebedeb info at kersplebedeb.com
Sat Jul 15 16:01:37 MDT 2006

OK, i will attempt a longer answer later today, but just quickly (before 
i make supper) to get this out of the way: i have been at Bluetsockings 
a few times, since as far back as when it was a feminist bookstore 
(today it is what i would simply call a radical left bookstore), and i 
have met over the years a number of people involved in the project.

This is the first time i have heard of the store having a specific event 
about anti-semitism (though, again, not living in NYC i could have 
missed something), but have been aware of their continued commitment and 
activities to (as their mission statement puts it at 
http://www.bluestockings.com/mission.html) "actively support movements 
that challenge hierarchy and all systems of oppression, including but 
not limited to patriarchy, heterosexism, the gender binary, white 
supremacy and classism, within society as well as our own movements."

In such a context - of a group which for years has been active opposing 
sexism and racism - i fail to understand why comrades would be 
criticized for holding one event about anti-semitism. Nobody should have 
to prove that Group X or Problem X is the biggest problem we face before 
they can hold a public event about it. ANY problem we as a movement 
dismiss out of hand can potentially become an Achilles Heel.

Again, this is an event that has yet to take place - it may turn out 
great or it may turn out horrible, i have no crystal ball - all i am 
saying is that it is incorrect to lump any discussion of anti-semitism 
on the left in with the zionist smear campaign againt anti-imperialists 
without first giving people a chance to have teh discussion, to make 
their points good or bad.

Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:

> Remember that this is an event in New York, so what we are talking
> about is leftists in the US of A.
> Why do they invent a phantom problem while failing to deal with real
> problems, like the dearth of women, Muslims, Asians, Blacks, etc. in
> left institutions, exclusion and marginalization of Jewish leftists
> from Jewish institutions, etc.?

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