[Marxism] Re: "Antisemitism in the Movement"?

Ian Pace ian at ianpace.com
Sat Jul 15 16:08:09 MDT 2006

From: <dwalters at marxists.org>

> Ian, really, once you brought up has-been Bordigists, you've lost the 
> argument,
> and I have to question why you even raise it. We're talking about both the 
> left
> and social movements, originally, at least, in the US. There has never 
> been any
> sentiment toward anti-Semitism since who knows how long among these 
> movements.
> It's already been stated that if any thing Jewish leftists are 
> overwhelmingly
> over-represented, and, I'd add, *especially* in the 
> anti-Zionist/Palestinian
> solidarity movement. You've not come up with one iota of anti-semtism that
> needs to be taken seriously, and, putting "anti-Semitism" on the same par 
> as
> anti-gay or anti-women sentiment which does appear now and again and is a 
> real
> problem, or can be, is outright demeaning toward those latter two sectors 
> of
> the left or social movements.
No, I know what a powerful weapon the 'anti-semitism' card be to use against 
the left (read any Zionist or neo-con propaganda (including liberal Zionist 
propaganda, to see how common this is), and how shamlessly it is done. In 
many ways that can discredit leftists even more so than charges of sexism, 
homophobia, etc. I just think that if we rather contemptuously dismiss the 
issue lightly, we play into the hands of our enemies.

The charge that the left is irredeemably anti-semitic is one that has a lot 
more adherents than you might realise, including amongst relatively decent 
centrists. It shocks me how often I find otherwise reasonably fair-minded 
people just take that as a given. The aim of the neo-cons is to make the far 
left as unacceptable as the far right (and one of their arguments is that 
there is little difference between the two). This is not a threat we should 
take lightly.


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