[Marxism] What Planet Do They Live On? "Antisemitism in the Movement"?

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> But this is one
> event - out of fifteen happening at the store in the month of July
> alone! (again: http://www.bluestockings.com/events.html)

Now that I've taken a look at the lineup of events (see below), this
focus on the non-existent problem looks even odder.

There is no workshop combating sexism, Islamophobia, homophobia,
racism, exclusion of the poor, exclusion of immigrants, or any other
oppression and marginalization "in the movement" that actually has had
a negative impact on demographics of left-wing institutions is absent
in the calendar. . . .

What planet do they live on?

Bluestockings Late June - Early July
Events Calendar

We're now hosting events nearly every night and will be publishing our
calendar in additional formats. For starts, Bluestockings is now on
MySpace. Please see http://www.myspace.com/bluestockingsnyc for our
profile and list of events. If you're a friend of bluestockings, then
um, come on and be our friend on MySpace! And as always, you will not
be turned away from an event at Bluestockings for having empty

Sunday, July 2nd @ 2:30PM - Free
Feminist Book Club: Judith Halberstam "Female Masculinity"
The feminist book club reads books and discusses feminism. We make no
claim about what feminism is or whom it serves, and are not a forum
for affirming any predetermined feminist platform. Rather, we rely on
feminism(s) as a lens for examination. We read theoretical texts,
literature and primary works. The book club is open to everyone, and
welcomes people of all genders, political persuasions and levels of
familiarity with feminism. We meet on the first Sunday of every month.
Books are chosen by consensus. This month's reading (available at
Bluestockings) is "Female Masculinity" by Judith Halberstam. Please
contact feministbookclub at yahoo.com for more information.

Monday, July 3rd @ 7PM - $5 Suggested
Screening: Nick Cooper "Soma: Anarchist Therapy and Anti-Power"
Nick Cooper travelled from the US to Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Bahia,
and São Paulo to capture the exercises, voice, and movement of Soma
Therapy. He spent many long sessions with Roberto Freire, who, having
survived the Brazilian military dictatorship, developed Soma (body)
thirty years ago, incorporating Wilhelm Reich's teachings, a martial
art/dance form called capoeira angola, and the politics of anarchism.
Soma provides a radical alternative to traditional therapy, with the
goal of liberating those who have been subjected to repression. A
screening of Cooper's documentary "Soma: An Anarchist Therapy" will be
followed by a discussion.

Thursday, July 6th @ 7PM - $5 Suggested
Discussion: "Support for Daniel McGowan"
In December 2005, the FBI arrested environmental activists nationwide,
labeling them "eco-terrorists" and insisting that they were America's
#1 domestic terrorist threat. Among those arrested was NYC activist
Daniel McGowan. Daniel has worked on projects such as military
counter-recruitment, demonstrations against the Republican National
Convention, Really Really Free Markets, and supporting political
prisoners like Jeff "Free" Luers. He is facing a minimum of life in
prison if convicted. Come to this info-session and learn how you can
plug into the fight against the government's "Green Scare." For more
information, check out www.supportdaniel.org.

Saturday, July 8th @ 7PM - Free
Reading: JD Glass "Punk Like Me"
"Punk Like Me," JD Glass' first novel, is a brave story of strength
and self-discovery. Twenty-one year old protagonist Nina plays in a
rock band, and doesn't always play by the rules. She also has a way
with the girls. But standing in the way of her CBGB dreams are
Catholic school nuns, disapproving parents, and her own fears about
being different. Luckily there's Kerry, who makes it impossible for
Nina not to be tough, not to be honest, not to stand by what she knows
is right.

Wednesday, July 12th @ 7PM - Free
Reading: "Sharing the Stories of Child Soldiers"
In more than 40 countries around the world, hundreds of thousands of
children as young as six are coerced into picking up arms for
government or guerilla forces. Journalist Jimmie Briggs spent six
years getting to know child soldiers and their families from five
different countries, and will share his experiences with a photo
presentation and discussion of his book "Innocents Lost: When Child
Soldiers Go to War." Co-presented by Satya, a monthly magazine that
focuses on animal advocacy, environmentalism, social justice and

Friday, July 14th @ 7PM - $5 to $10 Suggested
Sparkle Kids Action Network "The Chorus of Crayons Tour 2006"
Come on out for a gender-defying coloring book-making workshop, with
homespun entertainment from three solo acoustic troubadours. This
troupe of independent thinkers, songwriters, artists, and activists
deals creatively with themes of gender, politics, queer issues, work
and play, making quite a scene. Jacinta Bunnell is the creative force
behind the genderific coloring books "Girls Will Be Boys Will Be Girls
Will Be..." and "Girls Are Not Chicks." Dave End writes and performs
songs that re-invent the fairytale to make himself the prince and the
princess. Julie Novak is a musician with her band Guitars and Hearts,
and an artist, activist and graphic designer. As drummer and singer
for The Kiss Ups, Michael Truckpile's music dances across the
boundaries of folk, country and gut-bucket rocking.

Saturday, July 15th @ 7PM - $5 Suggested
Screening: "Black Diamonds"
The Appalachian mountains are the country's richest source of coal and
the site of major coal extraction by underground and surface mining.
These practices are not only dangerous but environmentally
destructive: 470 square miles of West Virginia have been affected in
the last ten years, while the national media and government have done
little to curb the destruction. "Black Diamonds: Mountaintop Removal
and the Fight for Coalfield Justice" is the first film of its kind,
offering a comprehensive survey of surface mining, mountaintop removal
practices and radical community resistance to mining destruction in
West Virginia.

Monday, July 17th @ 7PM - $5 to $10 Suggested
Dramatic Reading: Wendy Beckett "Anais Nin: One of her Lives"
Set in 1930s Paris, when many artists converged on France in the hope
of finding a greater aesthetic life, "Anais Nin: One of Her Lives" is
a biographical play that chronicles Nin's development as a writer. As
told by writer/director Wendy Beckett, literary ambition competed with
personal foibles during her tumultuous relationship with author Henry
Miller and his wife, June.

Wednesday, July 19th @ 7PM - $5 Suggested
Screening: "Libertarias"
In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Spanish revolution,
Bluestockings will screen "Libertarias: Anarchism and Women's
Liberation in the Spanish Revolution," one of the most spectacular
film epics ever made in Spain. Focusing on a group of women who fought
in the Spanish Civil War, the film recreates the physical details of
the war and explains its defeated political ideals.

Thursday, July 20th @ 7PM - $5 to $10 Suggested
Through the Lens Film Series
Featuring: "I"
"I" is a meditation on the relationship between media and power as
manifested by the worlds largest all-volunteer network of media
activists, Indymedia. The feature-length documentary follows the first
year of a small collective in Buenos Aires as it struggles amidst
assassinations, a collapsing economy, and a whirlwind of political
upheaval in late 2001. A dramatic and poetic portrayal of the
questions that surround identity and information in our networked age,
"I" is both an example of independent, engaged grassroots media, and a
portrait of how such media functions during situations of political

Friday, July 21st @ 7PM - $5 to $10 Suggested
'This is Forever': From Inquiry to Refusal Discussion Series
Critical Mass, War Machine: (or, What the Left can Learn from a Bunch
of Bicyclists)
On August 27th 2004, with an estimated 5,000 riders, the NYC critical
mass bike ride reached its largest numbers here and possibly anywhere
worldwide. Nearly 300 were arrested. Will Weikart, CUNY Graduate
student and Critical Mass participant, will explain the background of
the CM phenomenon and speculate as to why it has become the object an
NYPD crackdown. He will argue that critical mass-type movement
(relatively leaderless and spontaneous, joyous) is an invaluable tool
for Left tactics and praxis. In response to the constant cry of "we
need more organization!", Weikart will make a case for willful
disorganization as a means to open the spaces of radical potential.

Saturday, July 22nd @ 7PM - Free
Reading: "Bleeding Through Kingdoms: Cinderella's Rebellion"
Tired of seeing weak "heroines" in so-called "happily ever after"
stories, Riley LaShea has crafted a modern take on tradition, a
genuine fairy tale about courage, friendship, freedom and self-worth,
with healthy doses of humor, mayhem, magic, and girl-girl love. With
deliciously wicked twists and ultimate girl power, revolution has
never been this enticing. LaShea is a writer, filmmaker and a
part-time ninja-for-hire.

Sunday, July 23rd @ 7PM - $10 Suggested
Workshop: "Opposing Anti-Semitism in the Movement"
Antiauthoritarians and social justice activists often think they're
immune from anti-Semitism, but the experiences of many Jewish
activists shows otherwise. Aside from driving away many Jewish
activists, anti-Semitism on the left profoundly impacts our work as a
movement. This workshop brings together three activists who have
studied left anti-Semitism for an evening of instruction and
experience-sharing that will help us understand and combat its effects
in and on the activist community. Presenter April Rosenblum is a
Philadelphia-based activist and author of "The Past Didn't Go
Anywhere," a pamphlet for radicals on resisting anti-Semitism. Peter
Staudenmeier is a faculty member at the Institute for Social Ecology
and author of "Fascist Ecology: The 'Green Wing' of the Nazi Party and
its Historical Antecedents." Eric Laursen, who will moderate the
discussion, is a writer, organizer and longtime global justice and
antiwar activist.

Tuesday, July 25th @ 7PM - $5 Suggested Donation
Women's Poetry Jam & Women's Open Mike
Featuring: Carole Maso & Stephanie Romeo
Carole Maso is at work on a novel concerning the nature of human
suffering and the possibilities of salvation. Her transcendent, lyric
prose tells of the great sorrows and mysteries of our time. Stephanie
Romeo's "Conjure New York" is a historical novel in progress that
journeys through the parallel lives of three transplanted Southerners
in early twentieth-century New York. Women's poetry jam is hosted by
Vittoria Repetto, the hardest working guinea butch dyke on the Lower
East Side. Open mike sign-up starts at 7PM, so come and deliver (up
to) 8 minutes of your poetry, prose, songs and spoken word.

Wednesday, July 26th @ 7PM - $5 Suggested
Performance: Ryan Harvey & Al Baker
Come on out for a night of foot tapping to new wave radical folk with
Al Baker from the UK's Wildcat collective and Ryan Harvey of the Riot
Folk collective. Ryan brings you uprising historic ballads, optimism
and political folk cheese. Al, on his first tour of the US, sings
striking, lyrical and often witty tunes born out of love, hate and
revolutionary frustration.

You can both subscribe to receive this calendar by email and see our
most recent events calendar by visiting http://www.bluestockings.com/


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