[Marxism] What Planet Do They Live On? "Antisemitism in the Movement"?

Yoshie Furuhashi critical.montages at gmail.com
Sat Jul 15 22:17:16 MDT 2006

On 7/15/06, kersplebedeb <info at kersplebedeb.com> wrote:
> But to say people shouldn't be holding such an event, or to accuse them
> of spreading disinformation (a heavy accusation, a full major degree of
> culpability worst than "giving a bad impression") by going ahead with
> it, really begs the question for me of what we are to be "allowed" to
> discuss.

The event organizers aren't "discussing" whether or not anti-Semitism
is "alive and well" in movements on the left, so much so that "many"
Jewish leftists are driven out of the movements.  They are _assuming_
that to be _true_, and daring to propose to have a workshop
_combating_ that.

How can you combat what doesn't exist?

You go to any institution of the left, from the CP to the Socialist
Equality Party (orgs), from The Nation to Monthly Review (journals),
Brecht Forum to Left Forum (forums), whatever, and tell me if any one
of them has Jewish leftists underrepresented in it.  If you can't, I'd
have to conclude that what the event organizers are assuming -- and
seeking to have others assume -- is the existence of a phantom.

We can't build any left on the foundation of untruths like that.

On 7/15/06, Sayan Bhattacharyya <ok.president+marxmail at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 7/15/06, kersplebedeb <info at kersplebedeb.com> wrote:
> >  i am assuming that the word
> > "anti-semitism" as used by the organizers of this event has nothing in
> > common with the use of the word by scumbags like Phyllis Chesler and
> > Alan Dershowitz.
> Can you clarify why you'd characterize Phyllis Chesler as a "scumbag"?

Don't tell me that you don't see any problem here:

See, also, Norman G, Finkelstein's _Beyond Chutzpah: On the Misuse of
Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History_, whose objects of criticism
include Chesler's _The New Anti-Semitism_.

Among other things, Finkelstein says:

<blockquote>If virtually any criticism of Israel signals
anti-Semitism, the sweep of the new anti-Semitism, unsurprisingly,
beggars the imagination.  Apart from usual suspects like Arabs,
Muslims, and the Third World generally, as well as Europe and the
United Nations, Chesler's rogues' gallery includes "Western-based
human rights organizations, academics, intellectuals"; "Western
anticapitalist, antiglobalist, pro-environment, antiracist," and
"antiwar" activists; "progressive feminists," "Jewish feminists"
("American Jewish feminists stopped fighting for women's rights in
America and began fighting for the rights of the PLO"); "European, and
left and liberal American media" like _Time_ magazine, the Associated
Press, Reuters, the _Washisngton Post_, _Los Angeles Times_, _New York
Times_, British _Guardian_, _Toronto Satr_, the BBC, NPR, CNN, and
ABC, as well as many Israelis like the late "Yeshayahu Leibowitz of
Hebrew university" -- an orthodox Jew and one of Israel's most revered
intellectuals.  And "anyone who denies that this is so," Chesler
throws in for good measure, is also "an anti-Semite."  (Finkelstein,
_Beyond Chutzpah_, p. 38)</blockquote>

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