[Marxism] Fighting democracies

Nick Costello nicholascostello at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 16 03:27:39 MDT 2006

Two thoughts about the Palestine/Israel/Lebanon fighting:

Firstly, it's often been remarked that (bourgeois) democracies never go to
war. That's clearly no longer true, since both the Hamas and Israeli
governments are democratically elected - both in the formal
elections-every-four-or-five-years sense and in the substantial
represent-the-predominant-feelings-of-their-electorate sense. And so is the
Lebanese government.

Secondly, we can expect new dynamics to this new phenomenon - war between
bourgeois democracies. According to today's BBC, Hezbollah "has claimed
responsibility for the attack [on Haifa], saying it was retaliation for the
deaths of Lebanese civilians and the destruction of the country's
infrastructure during the Israeli air raids." So when democracies fight, is
the target the other's electorate?

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