[Marxism] (from Gary MacLennan) Hezbollah comes to aid of embattled Palestinians, and LA Times ponders it strength

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Sun Jul 16 08:52:28 MDT 2006

[Gary: this came (7/13) in HTML only. Les]

Thanks for this Fred as always it was very informative. It is hard to
work out exactly what is happening never mind what the future prospects
are.  But  it seems to me that there is a real ground shift taking
place.  I read Hizbollah's intervention as a response to the Arab street
which is overwhelmingly hostile to US imperialism and Israeli aggression.

Arab leaders are not simply hopeless and helpless, as many think.  They
have in the past actively collaborated with all the USA while pretending
to be critical of Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.

The Iraq war has changed all that.   The near and the far enemy have
come together. 

I am not sure exactly why but I feel because the US has an army in the
field at the moment that Israel's adventurism/brutality/etc   is having
a much more negative impact on US ambitions than hitherto.

Olmert spoke recently about Israel being "tired of winning".  Of course
he was lying.  What he was really saying was that his government was
tired of not being able to come up with a 'final solution' to the
Palestinians -the ultimate victory.  So Israel drops bombs and
slaughters and tortures and imprisons and still the Palestinians refuse
to admit defeat. The dirty work of Zionism continues and now there is
only dirty work.



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