[Marxism] WP: "US, Israel Aim to Weaken Hezbollah, Region's Militants"

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Sun Jul 16 10:59:51 MDT 2006

Fred Feldman wrote:

> Following these comments, more than adequate by Mark Jensen of the
> United for Peace of Pierce County, Washington, is the article from the
> Washington Post on US partnership with Israel in the war on the Islamic
> Peoples.  This recalls Arafat's declarationd uring the Israeli invasion
> of Lebanon in 2982 that "this was a US war." The assumption is that the
> fighting will of Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran will be cracked by a "few
> weeks" of massive Israeli bombing of civilian and other targets.
> This is not Israel "out of control."  It is Washington and Israel
> working in tandem, although both may be proven to have been "out of
> control" from the standpoint of rational possibilities.
> This highlights the attraction to Washington these days of the Israeli
> policy of ruthlessly striking at the Arabs and Muslims to show them who
> is boss...
I agree with this, but think it also goes beyond the "demonstration effect"
of US-Israeli power. The Israelis obviously hold that it's a "rational
possibility" to destroy Hezbollah's military arsenal and infrastructure. The
Washington Post article you appended is pretty clear about that. That's the
real purpose of allowing an extended period for Israeli military operations.

The aim seems to be to create a cordon sanitaire along its northern border
which not necessarily need be policed by Israeli or Christian Lebanese
gangs, as before. I see a role for an international force here, perhaps
drawn from the Arab League, which would stiffen the weak Lebanese government
forces assigned to replace Hezbollah on the frontier. As the WP article puts
it: "Specifically, officials said, Israel and the United States are looking
to create conditions for achieving one remaining goal of U.N. Resolution
1559, adopted in 2004, which calls for the dismantling and disarming of
Lebanon's militias and expanding the state's control over all its

There is a strong feeling on the left that the Israelis are trying to draw
Syria and Iran into a climactic showdown, but I don't see what compelling
strategic objectives would be served by their doing this. The threat posed
by Iranian nuclear weapons is Western propaganda designed, at best, to
retard the development of such a program, and I'd be surprised if the allied
Israeli and US military command thinks it could effectively do anything
about it at the present time, if at all. If the US and Israelis actually do
think they could "win" a war against the Iranians at the present time - in
the sense of being able to install a sympathetic regime in Tehran - then I
would have to revise my overall political understanding to account for a
much greater degree of irrationality and a much lesser degree of
self-interest and cold calculation in the way the capitalist system
operates - including on the military front.

There's no doubt the Hezbollah raid and rocketing provided a pretext for the
Israelis to fulfill their wider objective of destroying it as a military
force - something they've been itching to do for a long time. Hezbollah must
know something about the balance of forces in the Mideast that we don't to
have supplied a pretext. Or it miscalculated. I hope it's the former rather
than the latter.

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