[Marxism] Historical Question -- CPUSA

Lance Murdoch lancemurdoch at gmail.com
Sun Jul 16 11:36:56 MDT 2006

On 7/16/06, Paul Flewers <trusscott.foundation at virgin.net> wrote:
> I'm preparing for publication in Revolutionary History an old document from
> the Shachtman youth group from 1956. There is a reference to the LYL/YPA as
> CPUSA's auxiliaries. I have traced the former as the Labor Youth League,
> formed in 1949, dissolved 1957, but can't find anything for the YPA. Can
> anyone give a few details?

The Young Progressives of America (YPA) was founded in the summer of
1948, and it was in the CPUSA milieu.  It's first big campaign was
supporting Henry Wallace for president.

-- Lance

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