[Marxism] Anti-semitism

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at berkeley.edu
Sun Jul 16 13:57:43 MDT 2006

All true, but who would disagree? This is a commonplace and has been for
several generations. And it's relevance to the current thread on
anti-semitism on the left is doubtful, in that those who take this
position may masquerade as leftists but hardly constitute an
anti-semitic current in the actual left.

So I'm not quite clear on all the heavy scholarly artillery being used
to hit the obvious.


Your compulsion to polemicize gets in the way of your coherence. You 
have repeatedly argued that there is no actual left, so how can you 
make the above claim?

What may become an effective "left" opposition could well be 
attracted by demagogic claims about the omnipotence of the Israeli 
Lobby and finance capital. We should guard against this possibility 
as we should against Japan or China basing and human rights 
imperialism. And all the rest.

I'm sorry that what I said about the quantity theory of money and 
Neumann's analysis of Nazi propaganda are so well known that I should 
not have bothered to write them out. But then you must remember that 
we cannot intuit the revolutionary wisdom which you hold within 
yourself, so it may useful to spell some of it out.

In more than than the one or two sentence posts which you send in the 
belief that you are guiding the strategy and tactics of the 
non-actual, actual left.


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