[Marxism] Re: anti-semitism

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sun Jul 16 15:18:25 MDT 2006

I agree with Louis.  I don't see anywhere positive this  discussion can
But I have to make a comment.  Given the timing, if these people are who
and what they claim to be (and I give their claims credence), then they
should change the character of the meeting to a meeting of "Jews against
the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank and the bombings of Lebanon."
Perhaps they could call a Jewish demonstration around this.  That might
be helpful at this point, in highlighting the reality  of how divided
the Jews in the US really are about the course of the Israeli state
Then they could hold the kvetch session about "anti-Semitism in the
movement," which they are completely entitled to discuss, at a future
date with this demonstration of which side they are on in the big
struggles which end up deciding the fate of the Jews (and much else).
A meeting of Jews against the Israeli aggression and in defense of the
Palestinians would be much more useful right now -- RIGHT NOW1 -- than a
gripe session on anti-Semitism based on a false claim that Jews are
being driven out of the struggle wholesale by the prejudices  of others.
Can't get me so easy.  And many, many others.  We're made of harder
Fred Feldman

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