[Marxism] Celia Hart book published in English: "It's never too late to love or rebel"

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 16 16:47:48 MDT 2006

Socialist Resistance, the British newspaper which recently hosted
Celia Hart, has just shipped the first copies of the first Celia Hart
book available in English. The book contains twenty articles selected
and edited by Walter Lippmann. 

Titled "It's never too late to love or rebel", the collection contains
Celia's best-known articles translated into English since 2003. It
even contains a number of recent articles that are not included in
'Apuntes revolucionarios', the Spanish-language collection published
last year, including an interview with InternationalViewpoint.org. It
is one of these articles which provides the title of the book.

It's a 112-page paperback with a full color cover. You can see the
cover, and read a little more about the book, at
http://resistancebooks.blogspot.com/ .

There are three ways to get the book. 

1] Use www.paypal.com to send a payment for 8 pounds [that is around
15 US dollars] to resistance at sent dot com. Send an email to that
address as well to give your mailing address. The price includes
international airmail. 

2] Send an international money order, or a UK bank cheque, made
payable to 'Resistance' for 8 pounds to PO Box 1109, London, N4 2UU,
Britain. The price includes international airmail. 

3] Bookshops and libraries can get the book from Ingram, the world's
largest book wholesale distributor. You'll need the ISBN number:

Resistance is making the book available at cost to groups and
booksellers ordering more than five copies. Six copies cost 30 pounds
rather than 46 pounds, also including airmail shipping to a single
address. Each extra copy added to the bundle is 5 pounds.

People interested in 'Socialist Resistance' can look them up at
www.socialistresistance.net. It's a monthly paper founded in 2002 by a
network of Marxists who support the 'RESPECT' party, including the ISG
(the British section of the Fourth International, what used to be the
IMG) and a group called the Socialist Solidarity Network (a former
tendency of what used to be 'Militant'). 

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