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I passed on your fond comments to others here in LA.

I attended the services on Sat.  All who were there who wanted to speak about Micheal were able to do so.  Many were eloquent.  All were touched.  I spoke to someone after and inquired as to who was to replace him?  The comrade replied that no one could replace him but many could take his place.



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So sorry to hear of the death of Michael Zinzun in Los Angeles.

Were I there, I'd attend his funeral. He was one who fought for
as long as I knew him, close to forty years, first of all against
police brutality, and as a member of the Black Panther Party. He
was also an internationalist, never limiting his thinking and his
actions to his own communities. I'm sure that the Los Angeles PD
and the Pasadena PD will rest easier in his absence. Unlike the
rest of us, of course, Micheal could be difficult and he could 
go on and on at times, but his committment was unfailing and 
there never was one moment when the side he was on was unclear.

Walter Lippmann
Havana, Cuba



Michael Zinzun, a community organizer, is a former member of the
Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, a founding member of the
National Black United Front, co-founder of the Coalition Against
Police Abuse (CAPA), and a founding member of the
organization-Community in Support of the Gang Truce- that achieved a
truce between the Crips and the Bloods in Watts. He also a founding
member of the Police Watch and has supported the organization as a
board member, a community advisor and friend.

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