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hope all is well in Cuba... 

i recently bought a satellite radio, mainly to listen to the BBC World Service, the English Premiership (football) and to avoid all the commmercials.  also, i never fly when i can drive, so i zip from columbia, sc to the upper midwest, washington dc, florida several times a year - all very convenient.

if you send me your private email i will send you my password so you can listen online. i don't think they have the same collection/selection, but you may want to 'test drive' it online first.

i guess that's one of the benefits; you can use your computer at home.


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Anyone on this list know about Satellite radio? I haven't bothered
with this for the United States, where the basic idea seems to be
for use in the car. But now that I'm working and spending extended
periods here in Cuba, I can think of certain advantages to having
such a system. I know there are two: Sirius and XM, but there must
be others, and there must be ways to access such systems. I found
out that it has an antenna and some kind of box, and then you tune
in your local radio to a certain station, so you don't have to buy
an entire new box. I guess it's the audio-equivalent of Dish TV or
something like that. 

I'd like to know of the experiences of others reading messages on
this list about satellite radio. I have one friend here in Cuba
who has one. She said she got it so she could listen to the NBA.
That's not of interest enough for me, but what else is out there
in this format? Other languages, etc.


Walter Lippmann
Havana, Cuba

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