[Marxism] A closer look at Tikkun blog entry on Israel from Gilles

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jul 17 15:01:49 MDT 2006

>Just a short note about Gaza/Lebanon, etc. As you can see if you read my
>piece, I'm darn enraged/sad by the onslaught. If you think I somehow made
>it up, then read the Monde Diplo:
>Lou posted on Marxmail a link to a comprehensive post on Tikkun re the
>background of what's going on in the unholly alliance between the hard
>right. This is worth reading:
>Also, in that text you will see a certain Dore Gold as well as NGO-
>Monitor. Please, see how Gold frame the current crisis (Iran, wink, wink)
>Then look at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and the Wechsler
>Family Foundation.
>Then check out: http://www.ngo.monitor.org -- see who's behind them. Then
>go back to the Tikkun's post. (Lou, you may want to post this to
>Flock mailing list
>Flock at swans.com



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