[Marxism] Lebanon Syndrome?

Rod Holt rholt at planeteria.net
Mon Jul 17 18:35:15 MDT 2006

It is not just fear that is reflected in Peters's article it is an 
interesting phenomonon in itself. Sci-fi and horror flicks most often 
have warm-blooded humans in combat with inhuman beasts: robots, tiny 
ants, birds, the living dead, and so forth. This combat is not fair, you 
see, because killing a million ants, or computers or whatever is not 
worth a human life.

This is the payback for demonizing the enemy. When the enemy is not 
human, there's no balance, there's no hero, no villain, no justice. The 
foot soldier enters a world of Kafka, and fear becomes something much 
more unbearable than fear.

g.maclennan at qut.edu.au wrote:

>Ou posted the link:
>Words almost fail me.  Where can one begin to untangle the intellectual and moral mess that is this article? 
>What is of interest though if one forces down the gag reflex and listens carefully to what Peters has to say one can hear the insistent pulse of the fear of failure.  The great bullies of our time the USA and Israel, above all are terrifed of the moment when their brutal thuggery is challenged and negated.  There is no fallback position for the thug and the bully.  He must carry on intimidating and brutalising.  His first defeat is always destined to be his last.
>So the total destruction of a country from the air is not enough for Peters. There has to be a final solution. Now the tanks have to go in. This is of course the iron logic of Empire. Faced with Jewish resistance the Romans crucified thousands and razed the temple to the ground. Faced with Jewish resistance the Nazis flattened the Warsaw ghetto.  
>Now the NYP and Peters are the cheer leaders for the IDF while it imitates the horrifying imperatives of Empire when confronted with Arab resistance.
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