[Marxism] Re: Cuba's Granma on "Superman's Return"

Marla Vijaya kumar marlavk at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 18 09:56:44 MDT 2006

“In 1964, Humberto Eco published his famous essay The Myth of Superman
according to which the character could not fade away because a myth
is never extinguished. Since then, more than 40 years have passed and
the calendar (so far) seems to prove him right.”
Umberto Echo might be referring to Superman, but in Hindu mythology, there is Hanuman, a monkey king and follower of Ram, who was supposed to be a superman (or super-monkey?). He is said to have lifted and brought a mountain because he could not locate the medicinal herb which was required to save the life of Lakshman, the brother of Ram. I think Umberto has a point here. The myth of Ram survives in the Hindu psyche and it had eminently helped the Hindu nationalistic BJP to attain power in the name of Ram. But strangely, the same Ram could not sustain BJP’s power for long, even though the leaders of BJP were paying obeisance to Him. 
I think myths can survive in fantasies, but when faced with the harsh realities of life, the myth takes a back seat, giving priority to hunger.
Vijaya Kumar Marla

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