[Marxism] Lebanon Syndrome? Israel trying to force a Lebanese civil war

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Tue Jul 18 13:49:37 MDT 2006

> So, "the world" has not been so "beguiled".

Ahh, the world may not have been beguiled, but the '
'international community" was apparently. See, the 
world and the "international community" are not the 

On a more serious note, the UN resolution to which 
you refer, was nullified by the UN general assemby
in the moment of the West's triumph, 1992 or 
thereabouts. So, Zionism is no longer racist, nor a 
form of discrimination, nor a threat to peace.
Lajany Otum

CB: Yes, 'twas. Yet those who had their arms twisted at the advent the New
World Order were not beguiled but "arm-twisted". Of those who think about it
, most of "the world" know exactly what Israel has done and is doing to the
inhabitants of the land it took over.


"The Resolution 3379 was rescinded by Resolution 4686 on 16 December 1991
with a vote of 111 to 25 (with 13 abstentions). Resolution 4686 stated that
"...to equate Zionism with the intolerable sin of racism is to twist history
and forget the terrible plight of Jews in World War II and indeed throughout


CB: It's not to forget anything about WWII or the history of _European_
anti-Semitism, but to state truthfully what the practice of Zionism has in
fact been. Of course, Israel's racism constitutes a ghastly irony and
tragedy, but "facts is facts."

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