[Marxism] Lebanon Syndrome? Israel trying to force a Lebanese civil war

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On 7/18/06, Lüko Willms <lueko.willms at t-online.de> wrote:
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> > Words almost fail me.  Where can one begin to untangle the
> intellectual and moral mess that is this article?
>   Well, Mr. Peters is quite logical in his article, methinks.
>   To disarm Hizb-u-Allah one has either to get them to lay down their
> arms out of their own will, or one has to do house-to-house searches for
> their weaponry, which is not stored in a few central warehouses, to take
> the weapons away by force.
>   Israel has taken the whole Lebanese nation as hostage and asks the
> Lebanese government to wage a brutal civil war against Hizb-u-Allah to
> crush the strongest political party of the country. I hope everyone has
> heard or read how the Israeli embassador harangued the Lebanese
> ambassador at the Security Council session, telling how much he himself
> would like to get rid of Hizb-u-Allah.
>    But it seems that the other Lebanese parties do not dare to take
> Hizb-u-Allah head on. They might want do it only with the support of
> Syrian forces, but they have chased the Syrians out of the country last
> year already. So, what now?
>    Israel repeats here their game with the Palestinian Authority and the
> Fatah: they were and are constantly asking them to act as their deputy
> and disarm all militant Palestinian forces, and to organize the
> submission of the Arab Palestinians under Israeli rule.
>    This is of course the admission of the failure of the Zionist
> settlers dream, i.e. that they could force the surrender with their own
> "Iron wall" either "by Jewish bayonets or by British bayonets", as
> Vladimir (Ze'ev) Yabotinski declared already in the 1920ies, but not to
> rely on an agreement of the Arabs.
>    This was broken by the (first) Intifada which showed the Israeli
> occupation forces that they could not rule with brute force alone.
>    What now?
>    Israel is in an impasse. They do not dare, as in 1982, to do the job
> themselves (OK, with some help by Lebanese fascists, as in the massacre
> of Sabra and Shatila), but try to force their would-be proxies among the
> Arabs to wage a fratricidal war against those who still to resist
> against the empire. But these forces are even weaker than an Israeli
> direct occupation with bloody house to house searches.
>    What then? Will they end the bombing campaign in a few weeks,
> admitting failure and weakness? Will they extend it to Syria? Will an
> international imperialist force be able to do what the Israelis don't
> dare to do themselves? (The "peace plan" of the G8 is to put Israels war
> plan in practice).
>    But whatever Israel does, all their actions will more and more
> identify the word "Israel" with destruction, killing and bloody
> repression, and will make it sound like "Apartheid".
> Yours,
> Lüko Willms
> Frankfurt, Germany
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