[Marxism] Lebanon Syndrome? Israel trying to force a Lebanese civil war

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> You are right. I should have specified the West in my original statement.
> The
> developing world has overwhelmingly supported the dispossessed
> Palestinians.

India used to not have diplomatic relations with Israel, until the early
1990s.  Then India  started diplomatic relations with Israel in the 1990s
after  India's "turn to the West" ( brought about by its balance of payments
crisis) and the general restructuring/realignment of the world after the
Cold War ended.

In  1982 there were big rallies in Calcutta, organized by the left parties,
protesting the Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

The support for Palestine before the end of the Cold War, at the level of
the Federal Government (which was run more or less uninterruptedly by the
Congress Party) in India,  had more to do with strategic calculations
(India's alliance with the Soviet Union) than with any groundswell of
support from the grassroots level for the Palestinian cause. I think that,
other than the leftists, most Indians did not much care about or think about
the issue one way or another.

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