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James Zarichny zarichny at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 18 20:48:42 MDT 2006

The last year that the Young Pioneers existed was
1934.  In 1935, the IWO Juniors took over the niche
that the Young Pioneers had occupied. IWO was the
International Workers Order.  The IWO was a fraternal
life insurance Society that was Communist led.  If I
remember right, at its high point it had 200,000
members and millions of dollars.  Because it was
headquartered in New York, Governor Dewey was able to
confiscate it during the McCarthy period on the phoney
charge that the full page advertisements it placed in
the Daily Worker were not real advertising, but an
illegal transfer of funds from a successful business
to a failing business. Dewey hired some mathematicians
who testified that their study showed that the ads did
not bring in enough revenue to justify purchasing
them. Dewey said he was protecting the policy holders
from what he called an illegal diversion of funds.  At
no time did he assert that the insurance had
inadequate reserves.
    I still remember the beautiful scarlet
neckerchiefs that we kids in the IWO Juniors wore in
the years before the sit-down strike in Flint.
    The Young Pioneers and later the IWO Juniors
published a monthly magazine called the New Pioneer. 
It carried comic strips, stories about workers
struggles, and in frequent issues, articles written
for children by prominent scientists.
     Of course, the YPA that the questioner asked
about was not the Young Pioneer, but the Young
Progressives of America.  This group had a substantial
membership in 1948.  But I don'think it existed in
Michigan by 1950.  So, I am surprised that it still
existed in some places in 1956.

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