[Marxism] SWP position on the present class nature of former Soviet bloc states

stansfield smith stansfieldsmith at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 18 22:31:12 MDT 2006

The SWP in the US has the position that the Soviet Union and the Eastern bloc states were degenerated workers states.I have not closely followed how their position on this has evolved since the USSR collapsed, the eastern bloc countries cast off rule by stalinist parties associated with the former USSR, and the GDR was incorporated into capitalist Germany. I understand the SWP initially characterized these changes as political revolutions against the stalinist bureaucracies in those countries. 
  Does the SWP still characterize these countries as degenerated workers states? Or has it said these countries are now capitalist? Does the SWP now state what has occurred in the east was not a political revolution but a social counter-revolution that has restored capitalism? I have the impression the SWP no longer addresses this issue, I assume because they recognize their original analysis was not correct, but have been incapable of presenting a coherent new analysis. 
      I am not aware of any former SWPers on this list who have questioned the original SWP analysis. Or raised the question whether the political "revolutions" in the 1990s have maintained the workers states in those countries, or whether these countries are now capitalist, after suffering what was in fact a social counter-revolution in the 1990s that restored capitalism.

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