[Marxism] Petrograd, 1917 / Versailles, 1919

Javier A javierunderground at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 19 02:11:07 MDT 2006

Nestor Gorojovsky <nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar> wrote:
In fact, the early weeks of Bolshevik rule were rosy for the 
bourgeoisie.  Even the foreign banks were treated with velvet glove,
as Epstein, the head of the foreign banks caucus, recalls (quoted by
E.H. Carr).
I  wasnt aware of this. How did the role of the unchallenged banks not  create a serious tension with the early stages of the revolution when  the soviets were the most active? Im assuming the orignial changes were  far more political in nature rather than economic, but I still cant  imagine a serious tension not develop from a country that was in a  position of having serious scarce resources. 

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