[Marxism] Re: UFPJ backs antiwar protest at Israeli missio

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jul 19 07:16:43 MDT 2006

>There was a contingent of Orthodox Jews that has been attending vigils
>against Israel consistently (I met them a week ago in front of the
>UN). They have a very cogent position against Zionism, based on the
>Talmud: that mainstream Judaism has always rejected the establishment
>of a new Israel until AFTER the Messiah comes. That Jews are a
>diasporic people for now (pre-Messiah) and that the Jewish religion
>stands for harmony between peoples and social justice.

There's something going on now that I would hesitate to draw any political 
conclusions about, but there seems to be a pulling back from Israeli 
foreign policy by some "frum" (observant) Jews--not just the Satmars 
referred to above. The other night I was listening to WNSR, a talk radio 
station in NYC that has Jewish programming from 9pm on (it would take me 
too long to explain why in this post.) On Yakov Spivak's show, one 
obviously observant Jew after another was calling in to express a 
combination of shame about Israel's behavior plus worry over confronting 
Islamic militias and Iran. Spivak, who is an ultrarightist, was going nuts 
over the phone calls. Maybe this was just a fluke but an interesting one 



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