[Marxism] French Marxism in the 1960s

Paul H. Dillon illonph at pacbell.net
Wed Jul 19 08:24:06 MDT 2006

" help in my search for some sources regarding French Marxism, especially in 
the 1960s. As I don't know any French, I can only have acces to English 

French Marxism was very important in anthropology -- the following is a 
partial list of some key texts that came out during that period.

Claude Meillasoux - Maidens, Meals and Money

Maurice Godelier - Perspectives in Marxist Anthropology.

Stanley Diamond - Towards a Marxist Anthropology

H. Wolpe: The Articulation of Modes of Production: Essays from Economy and 
Society (contains some articles reflecting the Althusserian perspective 
including essays by Meillasoux and others)

M. Block - Marxist Analyses and Social Anthropology

Jonathan Friedman - articles in "Man" and "Critique of Anthropology"

D. Seddon - Towards a Marxist Anthropology

Pierre-Phillippe Rey: not sure what is translated. but his studies of the 
Congo are important.

Emmanuel Terray - Marxism and Primitive Societies

Paul Dillon

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