[Marxism] Re: US-Israeli-Saudi axis and the weakening of Hezbollah

Tony Hartin t.hartin1 at physics.ox.ac.uk
Wed Jul 19 10:25:45 MDT 2006

Lajany Otum wrote:

> The Guardian doesn't explore how killing a few hundred
> Lebanese civilians is a "slap to Iran and Syria" - no surprise.
> Anyhow, it is clear that the objective of total disarming
> of Hezbollah is about to be quietly dropped and replaced
> with the more realistic objective of installing some
> sort of "international force" that will more effectively
> protect Israel's northern borders, weaken Hezbollah,
> and strengthen the position of the US-Israeli-Saudi
> axis in Lebanese politics. According to Angry Arab, this
> axis is represented by Hariri Inc and the former Druze
> militia leader Walid Jumblat, etc.

and I think the Israeli's are faltering at the edge of a trap. In my opinion the Hezbollah action had several objectives.

1. prisoner exchange
2. relieve pressure on Gaza
3. draw the Israelis onto the grond across the Lebanon border, so that
4. new weapons system can be tested to gauge the possibility of engaging the Israelis if Iran is bombed

"Two Israeli soldiers died in clashes with Hezbollah militants in the south, after troops crossed the border to look for Hezbollah weapons and facilities."

I dont think Hizbollah can lose here. As Gary says the bully is defeated at the first backdown. As the original Iraqi resistance showed.. fighting back completely transforms the situation politically

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